Litigation Support Services in Alabama

A litigation support service company provides resources for legal professionals. Court precedents, varying state laws, particulars associated with the case, and the specifics of the particular field of law must be understood to achieve the desired outcome (verdict or settlement).

To streamline the obtaining of information, a Litigation Support Company will utilize efficient and cost-effective tools to manage case evidence and prepare exhibits for legal motions or trial.

The leader of Driftwood Investigations has extensive experience in assisting attorneys and prosecutors with the:
• creation of simple charts or exhibits for complex issues
• Bates stamping of evidentiary materials
• identification and coordination of witness lists and folders
• development of exhibit lists and folders.


The team at Driftwood Investigations offers expert witness testimony and trial preparation assistance to clients in legal matters. We supply our clients and/or attorneys with essential documentation and exhibits to support their specific civil or criminal case need.

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