Forensic Accounting
and Fraud Examination in Brewton Alabama

Forensic accounting in Brewton Alabama, is a specialized niche in the accounting realm, engages in a spectrum of investigative activities to unveil irregularities within business records, financial statements, banking transactions, and tax returns. Forensic audits, often termed fraud examinations, are crucial in legal proceedings involving fraud, embezzlement, and financial disputes like business closures or divorces. Following the audit, the forensic accountant, also known as a fraud examiner, compiles a detailed report admissible as evidence in court. These professionals may be summoned to testify as fact witnesses, summary witnesses, or expert witnesses.

Presently, our forensic accounting team serves clients across all 50 states, including locations such as Brewton, Alabama.


The following are just a few examples of forensic accounting and fraud examinations in which our team has extensive criminal and civil experience in Brewton Alabama:

• Financial Institution Deception – inquiry into fraudulent activities targeting federally insured financial entities, including banks, savings and loans, or credit unions. This encompasses instances of embezzlement, falsified loan applications, and deceptive bank entries.

• Insolvency Deception – examination of deceptive submissions to the bankruptcy court, encompassing fraudulent asset transfers, inaccurate schedules, and statements, along with false statements made during bankruptcy proceedings.

• Government Deceit – scrutiny of cases involving fraud against federal programs, encompassing false applications for benefits from entities such as Social Security, Housing and Urban Development, Small Business Administration, and the Department of Agriculture.

• Healthcare Deception – investigation of significant healthcare fraud cases involving deceptive billing practices and other schemes that harm patients, the Food and Drug Administration, healthcare providers, private insurers, and government insurers like Medicare and Medicaid.

• Corruption in the Public Sphere – investigation into the actions of government officials and private individuals collaborating with officials who misuse their authority for personal gain through official actions or inaction.

• Tax Misrepresentation – examination of cases involving the preparation or submission of false or fraudulent federal income tax returns, as well as failure to submit required returns.

Driftwood Investigations LLC, serving Brewton, Alabama, is headed by Katheryn Scott, a highly skilled and experienced forensic accountant widely recognized in the region. Her proficiency is in high demand from both large and small corporations, individuals, and government agencies due to her meticulous approach in uncovering irregularities in records. Her reporting and expert witness testimony are acknowledged as some of the most exemplary in the industry.

Katheryn Scott has held the Certified Fraud Examiner designation since 2003. Contact Driftwood Investigations for inquiries related to accounting fraud investigations in the Brewton, Alabama area.


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